FIY Shuk Kit

November 22, 2020

This Saturday, ASAP Pizza will be coming to Shoreditch for the very first time to take over the kitchen at Lyle’s, offering a collection-only service for the very same New York-style sourdough pizzas Eater called ‘London’s Most Exciting’.

The likes of ASAP’s Spice Grrl (tomato & ‘nduja sauce, caciocavallo, honey, sicilian oregano), Porco Rosso (red pesto, mortadella, stracciatella, guindillas), and Ceps On The Beach (ceps, pecorino, garlic, walnuts) will all be available, but must be pre-ordered via the Lyle’s booking widget here.

With each ‘booking’, you’ll be able to order up to two pizzas plus drinks – but if you’d like to order more than that, just call us on 020 3011 5911 to organise.

View the menu for Saturday here

ASAP Pizza’s first Saturday at Lyle’s will be this Saturday 14th November, between 2pm and 7pm. Pre-orders can be made via Lyle’s booking platform here.